Discover Heraklion

Uncover Heraklion... the capital of Crete. Packed with ancient hidden gems scattered all around town as well as a vibrant city life, Heraklion has a lot to offer!

Holidays in Heraklion

In Heraklion is where ancient history meets vibrant culture and coastal beauty. A very promising city for unforgettable holidays, Heraklion is teeming with a vibrant night life, cozy little cafes and restaurants, coastal views and historical monuments. Customize your experience and discover the many extraordinary destinations of Heraklion.


Historical Sights & Museums

Heraklion's puzzle of historical must-sees is a long and complicated one. Visit the iconic Knossos Palace, the jewel of Minoan civilization and explore multiple museums scattered around the city housing ancient artifacts and revealing the region's rich cultural heritage. Wherever you go you are sure to find remnants of ancient civilizations protected by glass, even in shops, restaurants or on the sidewalk.


Cretan Cuisine

No Heraklion holidays are complete without a taste of the local cuisine! Delight in the savoury treasures of Cretan cuisine in the numerous diverse restaurants and cafes around the city. Savor traditional dishes infused with local flavours—olive oil, freshly caught seafood, and aromatic herbs—a culinary journey that encapsulates the region's gastronomic delights.


Heraklion's Beach Escapes

What is an island’s capital city without its beaches? Visit Heraklion's stunning beaches full of calm blue waters and soft sand. Absorb the sun and make the most of your Heraklion holidays by experiencing a bit of everything this city has to offer. From the golden sands of Amoudara to the tranquillity of Lygaria, escape in serene coastal destinations complemented by crystal-clear waters and breathtaking vistas.


Top Attractions in Heraklion

Heraklion's top attractions await you! Explore the ancient Venetian fortress Koules in the city centre, the Archaeological Museum housing Minoan artifacts a few minutes away, and the vibrant city centre itself adorned with historical landmarks.

Heraklion invites you to unravel its historical wonders, relish its delectable cuisine, unwind on its breathtaking beaches, and explore its captivating attractions, ensuring an enriching holiday experience.


Where to Stay in Heraklion

Unwind in the lap of luxury at the Seascape hotel in Agia Pelagia, near Heraklion. Our award-winning hotel, a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation, seamlessly blends modern elegance with traditional Cretan charm. Surrender to the epitome of comfort in Seascape's stylishly appointed residences, each meticulously designed to exude warmth and sophistication.

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