Seascape's Location In Agia Pelagia

Not simply a luxurious resort and an ancient location, Agia Pelagia hides a rich tapestry of natural beauty and historical importance.


Currently an enchanting coastal town and a renown resort among locals and tourists alike, Agia Pelagia is a town dedicated to saint Pelagia (therefore its name). 
In ancient times, Agia Pelagia’s harbour was used as a crucial Minoan passage connecting Crete with other Mediterranean civilisations. Remnant of ancient structures and artifacts discovered in and around the region have solidified it as a significant area of trade and cultural exchange.
Today, Agia Pelagia’s municipality holds a population of about 200 people and is one of the most loved summer destinations among locals in Heraklion. At a mere half an hour drive from Heraklion’s city centre, it is a coastal haven within arm’s reach for most.


Agia Pelagia : 1km

Chania Airport : 126km

Chania Port : 118km

Heraklion Airport : 26.7km

Heraklion Port : 24.6km

Heraklion Town: 26.6km

How to Get Here

From Heraklion Airport by Car

Take the motorway towards Rethymnon – Chania. The trip is approximately 25 – 30mins, 25km. Take the exit for Agia Pelagia, follow the road all the way down that leads to the beach. We are located just before the beach on the right, in a small street. (Just before the supermarket).

From Heraklion Airport by Bus

Take the bus from the airport to the Heraklion port and then walk to the adjacent KTEL Βus station to take a bus for Agia Pelagia. For more information please visit the official website of KTELHERLAS

From Heraklion Airport by Taxi

You can take a taxi from the airport or contact us to arrange a taxi transfer for you.

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